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Elevate the efficiency and comfort of your enterprise workstations with Telecom Computer's premier peripheral solutions. Telecom Computer takes pride in providing a compressive selection of cutting-edge peripherals from leading manufacturers, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and functionality of your enterprise workstations. From high-performance keyboards and mice to reliable external hard drives and ergonomic computer bags, our comprehensive range is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

Peripherals & Accessories

Precision Control
with High-Performance

Optimize your workspace with high-performance keyboards and mice designed for precision and control. Minimize cable clutter and enhance workspace flexibility with our wireless options. Reduce fatigue and strain with the latest in ergonomically designs that will enhance your overall comfort during extended usage.

Diverse Scanner Options

Discover a diverse selection of handheld scanners designed for dynamic, on-the-go operations, delivering both flexibility and efficiency. We recognize the varied demands of different industries, be it in retail, logistics, healthcare, or manufacturing. Our barcode scanner solutions are crafted to precisely meet your specific requirements. Tailor your choice based on the demands of your industry, opting for handheld scanners that provide mobility or fixed-mount scanners for stable, stationary applications. 

Safeguard Critical Data

Secure data storage with reliable external hard drives from leading manufacturers. With several different types of external hard drives available today including SATA (Serial ATA), USB, Firewire and Thunderbolt, allow the Telecom Computer team to assist with provide solutions that best meet your high-capacity storage needs while  ensuring that your data remains accessible and protected.

Mobility and Style

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with ergonomic laptop bags and tablet cases meticulously designed for the contemporary professional. Crafted exclusively from top-tier materials, in an array of designs, ranging from backpacks to roller bags and the classic clamshell briefcase. Our solutions guarantee that your mobile devices are safeguarded during every journey. Trust in our commitment to providing secure and professional options, allowing your employees to carry laptops and peripherals with confidence while projecting a polished appearance.

Engage with Telecom Computer Solutions as your trusted Enterprise ICT Partner 

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